Credits include:


Neil Young Storytone,Avenged Sevenfold,Sparks, Michael Jackson, Jackson Browne, Belinda Carlisle, Janet Jackson, Joe Cocker, Roy Orbison, Dwight Yoakum, Dori Caymmi, Sheena Easton, Christopher Cross, Heather Myles, Jim Lauderdale, Juice Newton, Toni Basil, Sergio Mendes, Zig Zig Sputnik, Jennifer Rush, Steve Pryor, Colin Ray, Laura Branagan, Pete Anderson, Lincoln Park, Muse


Star Wars: Rogue One, The Junglebook 2016, Jurassic World, Beowolf, Edward Scissorhands, Austin Powers, Jack Ass 2, X-Men,Wanted,Bervly Hills Cop, Spiderman, Men  In Black, Prince of Egypt, A Bug’s Life, A Civil Action, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Dances With Wolves, Cry Baby, City Slickers, Family Man, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Adventure, National Lampoon Christmas Vacation, Armageddon, Scooby Doo, The Jetsons, Masquerade, American Tail, The Abyss, Tarzan, Jumanji, Basic Instinct, Swing Kids, The Never Ending Story, Thief of Hearts, Scarface, 102 Dalmations, Looney Tunes, Robots, Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, Family Man, Ice Age, Robots, Angels In America, Horton Hears A Who,The Little Mermaid, Happy Feet 1 &2,  Star Trek , The Lorax, Rio, War for the Planet of the Apes, Star Trek


The Simpsons, Facts of Life, Star Trek, Winnie the Pooh, Fame, Empty Nest, Wolf Lake, Boy Meets World, Back to the Future, Family Affair, Facts of Life, Arrested Development

Commercials,Walmart,, Walgreens, Taco Bell, Coca Cola, IBM, Nike, Toyota, True Value, Honda, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Nissan, Mazda, Apple, Doritos, Michelob, Sunkist, Mc Donald’s, Pac Bell, Domino’s Pizza, Pontiac, Quaker Oats, Ford, American Airlines, Delta Airlines Pepsi, Mattel, Sprite, Hormel, Anheuser Busch,Sprint, IBM, Walgreens, Kraft, Apple

On Camera

Solomon Burke-Tonight Show, Studio 60, Dancing With The Stars, Dwight Yoakum –David Letterman Show, The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live ,Dwight Yoakum in Concert, Never Ending Story duet- Solid Gold, American Bandstand, Cyndi Lauper – Tonight Show, Olivia Newton John-Tonight Show


Joe Cocker, Dwight Yoakum, Bette Midler , Kenny Loggins, Paul Mc Cartney, Danny Elfman

Featured artist and songwriter

  • Stella Nova, Nothing Scares Me 2003 & Urbana compilations 2004
  • "Cannes Do" Documentary


  • California State University Fullerton Conservatory of Music
  • Andrew Boettner
  • Alden Van Way
  • Robert Edwards
  • Kathleen Roland